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Custom Development of Website and Applications

Leicesterweb Custom PHP Coding leicester

At Leicesterweb, we offer full stack PHP development services. PHP is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for web development. The open source nature of the PHP programming language provides a cost-effective programming solution for our clients in need of websites and/or applications.

Developers at Leicesterweb utilise PHP as a tool to provide your company with dynamic web pages that will represent your organisation. Together with MySQL, web pages created with PHP are capable of interacting with your database in the most efficient way possible. This coding language offers many flexibility options due to its open-source nature and we strive to utilise that to the fullest to provide you with entirely custom and interactive web pages that will set you apart from your competitors.

The World’s Most Popular Open-Source Scripting Language

As a PHP web development company, our project typically involve a customer coming to us with a requirement. This requirement can be for a website, a web application or even the deployment of open-source solutions. Through our experienced professional PHP programmers, we offer many PHP based services such as Web Development in PHP, Application Enhancement, Application Development, Application Migrations (update your PHP from PHP 5 to PHP 7), and Web Services Development.

Leicesterweb is an expert in website development using the general purpose server-side language script PHP. Our web developers are proficient in PHP development to meet the requirements of a custom web development demand. The open source nature of the language leverages our team to exploit the horizons in presenting a complex code in a simple manner. The combination of development and innovation allows us to deliver ace solutions across the world.

Custom, Dynamic and Interactive PHP-Based Web Pages

PHP Coding is art. We modify your existing code or build code from scratch. No job is too big or too small. We take our art seriously.