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Add a New Dimension

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Our cutting-edge logo animation software can add a new dimension to your company’s logo and can make your brand more recognisable to your audience.

Create a Sense of Personality

As our communication channels become focused on screens and expand into new digital platforms such as virtual and augmented reality, there is an increasing opportunity to enrich brand identities with movement, dimensions and function, expressing far more than has traditionally been possible.

Free from the limitations of the static and two-dimensional (2D) forms, kinetic identities allow designers to create a sense of personality, emotion, attitude and intelligence within the very symbol synonymous with a brand.

Create Indentity

Animated logos are nothing new. Seen in the film and TV world for more than 50 years, logo idents combined brand, entertainment and technology to distinguish companies. Today we see animated logos on web and app start-up pages all the time and they have shaped our expectations of what moving logos can do for a brand.

Think of GoogleAirbnbSpotifySkype, and most recently Uber and Slack’s logo animations. While all are undoubtedly more professional brand systems than the previous identities, they still retain the playful elements and product vision that characterised the brands as start-ups.