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Searching for the right WordPress invoicing plugins? An invoicing plugin will provide a simple automated invoicing creation, order selection and financial management. There is a lot to manage as a business owner and manual accounts may take a lot of time. It is important that the invoices all look professional and formatted.

With the use of a professional accounting software all payment and invoicing processes can be automated so that you can concentrate on the business development. We will include some of the strongest invoices for WordPress plugins of different needs in this post.

What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are code pieces that you can add to extend and improve the WordPress website features.

A coding part provides a set of features to which the WordPress web site can be applied. You can add functions to your WordPress websites or new features. PHP programming language was built on WordPress modules and is seamlessly integrated with WordPress. There is a saying in the WordPress community, “There’s a plugin for that.” You simplify it, without knowing a single line of code, for users to include features on their site.

The official WordPress plugin directory offers thousands of WordPress plugins for free. We write about the best WordPress plugins at WPBeginner. We have posted a list of all our plugins. Beside free plugins, there are many useful commercial plugins that third-party firms and developers have available.

How to choose the right invoice plug-ins for WordPress?

There are several WordPress plugins you can use to create online invoices and receive payments from your customers. All these WordPress invoice plugins have different features. Finding the right invoice plug-in can be challenging for beginners.

To find a good WordPress invoice plugs, the main features you should look for are:

  • Compensation processing once and repeat.
  • Partial compensation choices.
  • Tax deduction and filing immediately.
  • A simple system for managing both taxation and invoices.
  • Other Payment Gateways and Credit Card.
  • Schedule of payment and option of late payment


WPForms is the most corporate plug-in WordPress form. You can easily create any form such as a client registration form, email form, request for a quotation, contribution form, transaction collection form, etc. WPForms helps you to produce an online order form with the ability to give the consumer an invoice automatically.

When the payment is complete, you and your customers are also notified immediately by email. WPForms incorporates payment collection with PayPal and Stripe. This allows you to easily accept payments with credit cards without the need for software for shopping cart or eCommerce.

Although WPForms is less stable than some others below, it has everything you need and saves money, because it can be used to create contact forms, ask for a quotation lead form, gather reviews through surveys, etc.


FreshBooks is popular accounting software choice for with small business. This enables invoices to be generated in a few clicks. By adding your business logo and a personalised note, you can fully customise the invoice. It has an automated system for issuing notices of late transactions to consumers. FreshBooks also easily pays for annual transactions the credit card to your clients and gives you and your customers notes.

To display a correct payment breakdown, you can add working hours and expenses in the invoices. It also provides a tax collection, a pre-payment service, and discount codes.

WP Invoicing:

WP Invoicing is a feature-rich WordPress invoicing plugin. It runs on your WordPress site and can help you create and send invoices to customers. It can also handle taxes on the invoices automatically. This aims to save you and your customer’s money by automating the operation. Various transaction gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and others are sponsored. It can be used as well

Sliced Invoices:

Sliced Invoices is a professional WordPress invoicing plugin. It has multiple pre-built templates and designs to generates invoices quickly. Custom invoices can also be generated using your logo and script so that quotations can be sent directly to customers.

It comes with a reporting system to handle in one location all your invoices and quotations. Sliced Invoices are available to print so that you can submit invoices in the dialect of your clients. It also includes PDF invoice extensions, recurring payments, and deposit accounts, etc. Slide Invoices is a free plug-in, but you will have to pay for each extension or you can buy a much better membership.

Sprout Invoices:

Sprout Invoices is a comprehensive WordPress invoicing plugin. It can predict the products ‘ costs and automatically generate comprehensive consumer invoices. The Plug-in integrates with over 300 payment applications, fact-designs, and workflows. It has a strict scheduling system for payment that sets out requirements for customers such as payment amount, due date, late payment, etc.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices:

WooCommerce PDF Invoices is an extension to WooCommerce to send each PDF confirmation email to a PDF invoice. The template for PDF invoices is ready-made, and you may also create your own personalised invoice templates. It manages an invoice sequence number so all payments can be kept track.

Invoices can be viewed on your eCommerce website from their account page. As soon as customers confirm their order, you can also connect a printer using a plugin to print invoices. This plugin can be a solution to your invoicing needs if you operate an online store with WooCommerce.

This plugin does not function with other eCommerce plugins, but most other solutions have invoice extensions themselves.


WP-Invoice is an invoicing feature for free WordPress. It is ideal for digital agencies, general contractors, web developers and any company that has to send their customers invoices. You will build your invoice in your WordPress dashboard. Upon making the invoice, you should receive an email from your client and can easily follow the link to payments. The contact alert can also be fully customised. WP-Invoice is a little limited in functionality, but for many small businesses, it can be an easy to use solution.

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