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All you need to know about web hosting

Web hosting is a service that facilitates different individuals and organizations to put their website on the internet. By using this technology, you upload your website on a special computer known as a server. After successful hosting, all you need to type your domain name in the browser to view your website.

This article explains in detail the important criteria to choose the right website. What will happen if you choose the wrong hosting site? Let’s understand different aspects to consider before choosing a web hosting:

What do you expect from your web hosting providers?

Most hosting companies need you to have your own domain in order to host with them. The domain name is an address that you type in search engines to access your site. If you don’t have, they help you to purchase your desired domain name.

Here are some important things you expect from your hosting companies:

  • Email Accounts: Web hosting companies facilitate you to create an email account by using a domain name. It is very useful for marketing purposes.
  • FTP Access: File Transfer Protocol allows you to upload project files from local computer to the web hosting server. When you upload your file to the webserver, everyone can access your website through the internet.
  • WordPress Support: WordPress is the most powerful tool to create your stunning websites without even writing just a single line of code. It is a robust website and content management system. You must check for WordPress web hosting sites to use the world’s most popular content management system.

Disadvantages to choose the wrong web hosting

There are several companies providing web hosting services to users. If you pick a wrong web hosting site, you will have to face numerous problems. Let’s take a glimpse of a few major problems:

Lost Revenue and Damaged Brand

Due to wrong hosting, when your website is down, it means your customers will be unable to read your posts or buy your services or products. Once Amazon’s website was down just for 40 minutes so that cost them almost $5 million.

You don’t know when your customer will visit your site. When they visit your site and find it down, it will damage your brand. Spend some extra bucks to keep your site active.

Lower SEO Ranking

If your website is down, resulting in lower SEO ranking. It is one of the most critical facto you must consider. Search Engine’s crawler visits all websites and collects some data to rank those sites. When they come to your site and find it down, they will decrease your site ranking.  Lower SEO ranking means fewer visitors.

There are so many other disadvantages that have a negative impact on your ranking. For example, if the page loading speed is low, it will hurt your SEO ranking. So avoid using wrong web hosting.

Limited Security and dysfunctional service

It is another severe factor to choose the wrong web hosting. If your website has limited security, there are high chances of attacking and hacking. Imagine, if the customer support service is very poor. They take 2 to 3 business days to respond or don’t resolve your issue, immediately. It will be an annoying situation for you so it will cost time and money.

What to consider before choosing the right web hosting provider

Before buying any web hosting site, you must consider different factors to identify the right web hosting provider. Considering such things are very important for technical SEO. Here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Availability

You must check the availability of hosting providers. It is an essential factor in SEO perspective. If your website is available, customers can frequently visit your site. Go for those hosts that offer at least a 99% availability guarantee.

  1. Service Level and Customer Support

Customer service is the most important factor you should consider while choosing a hosting site. As technology is getting advanced, most web hosting companies compete with each other on the basis of customer care quality.

Hosting companies that provide 24/7 customer support such as cPanel web hosting and ginger web hosting, will be the winners. For example, if you have a website emergency and not able to have urgent help, what is good for such a web host.

  1. Scalability

Imagine you started with a website with a few visitors. Now thousands of people visit your website every day! Here scalability comes under discussion. In this situation, you need to scale up your site with the hosting company. The right web hosting providers have a straightforward method to scale your traffic growth.

  1. Price

Price is another factor. Most people just compare the prices of different hosting sites and go with the cheaper one. After the comparison, you can go for cheaper ones. However, you should calculate the overall price. Overall price? Let’s understand this with an example:

There is two web host, say A and B. A provides its services in $5 per month. You earn a total $50 per month if availability is 99%. The average availability of A is 95% and your total revenue is $40. So your net profit is $35.

Now, B provides its services $7 per month. You earn a total of $50 per month if availability is 99%. The average availability of B is 97% and your total revenue is $45. So here your net profit will be $38.

Although B is quite expensive, yet providing you more profit as compared to A. Always consider such factors before buying a web host.

  1. Reputation, Trust and Customer Reviews

In order to learn more about hosting companies, we recommend you to read customer reviews. It is the most important way to check the credibility of any web host.

Recommendation for web hosting providers

There are numerous web hosting service providers. However, a few service providers stand out on this list. For example, cPanel web hosting, Bluehost, and ginger Webhosting are the most prominent web hosting providers. If you are looking for WordPress Web Hosting, gingerwebhosting.co.uk is one very reliable service.s

After reading this article, you will be capable to choose the right web hosting service. If you still have any confusion, you can contact Leicester Web Services. They create an SEO friendly website by using WordPress and host them on the fastest server. It further enhances the performance of the website. So contact Leicester web services and utilize fast, reliable and secure web hosting and very quick customer support.




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