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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce application that makes online shopping quick. Over the years, it has become the world’s most popular eCommerce site used by millions of SMEs (online stores). WooCommerce has been known as the most popular website creator on the market, as the WordPress extension. Users can create an eCommerce page from scratch and attach the shopping cart functionality to an existing site.

WooCommerce can be downloaded and used as open-source software. However, while the WooCommerce programme is free, the construction of a page that costs money also involves a domain name and a Web hosting company.

Distinct Features of WooCommerce:

WooCommerce has become the world’s leading eCommerce technology because it is simple to use for beginners and features incredibly strong. Some of the features are as follows:

  • The core WordPress software is free, and the WooCommerce is accessible.
  • It’s an Open-source online store. Everyone can go into the script, test and change it.
  • WooCommerce is helpful regularly. To launch a shop, you don’t have to be a developer specialist.
  • Sell whatever item you like: actual, online or even associate.
  • Create goods or images without limitations.
  • To make it easier to locate and scan every item, attach class, labels or attributes-including size and color.
  • Including a’ verified owner ‘ label, show product ratings and product revue on product pages.
  • Change the shop place with units of money, dialect, and metric.
  • Customers may group items by success, innovation, ranking, cost or attribute. Details are not available.
  • On all devices, WooCommerce works. More and more people are shopping on smartphones, and the WooCommerce product is prepared.
  • WooCommerce seems like you want to. You can control exactly how your shop looks without the need for any technical know-how with something called themes.
  • Tomorrow’s healthy WooCommerce. WooCommerce is not only an Open Source but also an Automatic business with a billion-dollar ability to protect the shop.

Functionalities of WooCommerce:

  1. Plug-Ins:

Plug-ins are the best part to develop a WooCommerce online shop. You can add new features and extend your market. One of the main reasons WooCommerce likes business owners is their versatility. Through different WooCommerce extensions (also known as add-ons), you can add additional functionality to WooCommerce. Thousands, of WooCommerce plugins, can be used to add new features such as payment, licenses, integrations to the delivery system, sales tax collection, etc.

  1. Payment Gateways:

An online payment system is a transaction portal. To do this, consumers must give credit/debit card details to the shop and eventually to the bank at the actual time of purchase. However, if the fee is accepted or not you are told by a payment gateway; otherwise, the sum will be forgiven.

Finally, the consumer balance deducts the payment amount and transfers it into your shop fund. Therefore, before the balance is deposited in your bank account, the payment gateway has a function to accept or reject payments. You need a business account and a web platform to allow online payments legally. In most instances, Payment Service Providers are open to you for both. Several companies, such as Stripe and PayPal, are in this situation. You can use hundreds of additional payment windows. Some less-known or local transaction gateways can even be implemented.

  1. Shipping Modules:

The popular eCommerce site has created room for many other online applications so that valuable delivery features are well-known. It should not concern you that such plugins would greatly help you with the implementation of your business solutions. WooCommerce Shipping Plugin is a WordPress / WooCommerce plugin for you to make shipping more effective.

This plugin enables you to receive shipping rates from your shipping account in real-time and to view them on your Cart and Check-out page. The plugin gets accurate pricing and the pricing dependent on such variables as the weight and dimensions of the shipment.

How to use WooCommerce:

You will first need to download and set up WordPress if you want to set up your eCommerce online store with WooCommerce. Following are the steps to install WooCommerce from Scratch:

Step 1 – Choose A WordPress Host and The Name of Your Site:

WordPress hosting gives you the ability to connect your shop to the internet, and your domain name is your store’s permanent Web address. These items mentioned are not available and cost money. Sometimes beginners wonder why I have to pay for these things when WooCommerce is safe. Okay, to construct any kind of page you have to charge for these three items. The price of your online store depends on the products you order on your website. By just getting what you need, you can easily control the prices.

Step 2 – WordPress Installation:

You need the simple WordPress program to be enabled once you have hosting. The bulk of hosts allow WordPress deployment and some will even download it for you. Some websites offer WordPress installation through1-click as well. If you use any other hosting company, see our WordPress installation guide step by step.

Step 3 – WooCommerce Installation and Configuration:

You will have a functioning WordPress website at this point, while simple. Essentially for your page, you have created a blank canvas. Now you will take the paintbrushes out and give them just what you want. A WordPress plugin is WooCommerce so that the installation is similar to any other plugin for WordPress. Install WooCommerce plugin first on your list and use its Setup Wizard to set up its bases. You will have an approved eCommerce store after you have achieved this.

Step 4 – WooCommerce Plugins, Themes and Adding items on the online store:

You can use two forms of plugins to customize the website:

  1. Plugins: As discussed above, it expands the store to include new features.
  2. Take Themes:

Let them influence how visitors look at your shop. Think of them like switching your wardrobe–you can swap your looks quickly before you locate them.

After taking add items to your website by giving the title to each item and placing it in the right category. WooCommerce makes adding items to your online store very quickly.